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Weapons and Firearms Crimes in Los Angeles

If you face a weapons or firearms charge in Los Angeles, you may be frightened, confused, and worried about your future. Rather than allowing stress and uncertainty to consume you, call the defense team at Arro Law.

Arro Law is a top-tier criminal defense firm based in Los Angeles. Our weapons and firearms defense lawyers can start working your case quickly to keep you from any unjust charges or penalties and protect you from the consequences a firearms conviction has on your overall life.

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Let a Los Angeles Weapons and Firearms Crimes Lawyer Help You

No two weapons and firearms crimes are the same, and there is no one solution to every weapons or firearms charge. That is why you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer from Arro Law to review your case and personalize a legal strategy to suit your circumstances.

At Arro Law, our weapons and firearms lawyer will:

  • Review the specifics of your case;
  • Assess the evidence against you;
  • Tailor a defense to meet your needs;
  • Negotiate a dismissal or manageable plea agreement; or
  • Prepare a strong trial plan on your behalf.

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Who May Not Possess a Firearm in California?

California is tough on firearms. Researchers counted one hundred and eleven California laws that deal with the use and restriction of firearms. This is more than any other state.

There are several groups of people who may not possess or own guns legally in California, including:

  • Convicted felons;
  • Narcotic addicts;
  • Persons with two or more convictions under California’s law against brandishing a weapon;
  • Persons convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses;
  • Persons who suffer from mental illness; and
  • People under eighteen.

California also has gun violence restraining orders, which allow coworkers, employers, and teachers to seek restraining orders to remove guns from the possession of potentially dangerous people.

What Weapons Are Banned in California?

Not only are there groups of people who may not own firearms in California, but there are also firearms and weapons that are off-limits in the State. Some of the generally prohibited weapons, or banned guns, equipment, and ammunition in California are as follows:

  • Short-barreled shotguns and rifles;
  • Undetectable firearms;
  • Unconventional pistols;
  • Wallet guns;
  • Zip guns;
  • Camouflaging firearm containers;
  • Bullets containing explosive agents; and
  • Multiburst trigger activators.

Where Are Guns Prohibited in California?

Even if a gun or weapon is legal in California, there are some places it may not go. No gun or weapon is allowed at or into any of the following California venues:

  • On school grounds;
  • In public buildings and public meetings;
  • In government buildings;
  • At the Governor’s mansion;
  • Airports and passenger vessel terminals; and
  • Public transit facilities.

What Are Common Weapons Offenses in California?

Besides illegally carrying a firearm or weapon, there are several firearms and weapons-related charges in California. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Brandishing a firearm;
  • The “drive-by shooting” law;
  • Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony;
  • Use of a firearm during the commission of sex crimes; and
  • Aiding or abetting a felony with a firearm.

Contact a Weapons and Firearms Crimes Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you need an experienced weapons or firearms lawyer with in-depth knowledge in the field, call Arro Law. Our defense lawyers can ensure your legal rights are protected, and whether your arrest was valid.

A weapons or firearms charge can carry several lifelong consequences, including the inability to own guns legally and the loss of job and housing opportunities, so do not delay contacting Arro Law and preparing your defense strategy today.