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Federal Crimes in Los Angeles

While most crimes committed in Los Angeles are violations of state law and tried in state court, some are federal offenses, prosecuted by the U.S. District Attorneys in federal court. These are subject to harsher penalties, lengthier prison sentences, and more significant fines than most state court crimes. If you are facing federal criminal charges, understand these are serious charges.

While no opponent can be more overwhelming, having a strong federal criminal defense attorney on your side can make all the difference when protecting your constitutional rights against the federal government. At Arro Law, we want to minimize the severe consequences a federal criminal conviction can have on your future.

When you choose Arro Law, you get a law firm with:

  • A proven record of success;
  • An aggressive defense style; and
  • A firm understanding of federal criminal law and procedure.

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Our Los Angeles Federal Crimes Lawyer Can Help

When you stand accused of a federal offense, call the attorneys at Arro Law. We will defend you against any type of criminal charge in the California federal system.

You can trust our lawyers to do the following, and more, on your behalf:

  • Stand by your side from start to finish;
  • Protect your best interests;
  • Thoroughly examine every aspect of your criminal charge;
  • Assess the viability of the federal government’s case against you;
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • Determine the best defense strategy available under the circumstances; and
  • Use our resources to have your charge reduced or even dismissed; or
  • Defend you to our fullest capacity at trial.

Put your mind at ease by contacting Arro Law anytime, day or night. Retain qualified federal legal counsel for your criminal charges; choose Arro Law.

What Are Federal Crimes?

There are three types of courts in the United States:

  • Federal courts;
  • State courts; and
  • Local courts.

Federal courts have the authority to hear cases regarding constitutional matters or federal laws passed by Congress, while state and local courts have jurisdiction over state and local laws.

Most crimes are state crimes and tried in state courts. Crimes committed on federal property are considered federal crimes as are crimes involving interstate commerce or crossing state lines. Mail and wire fraud are also federal crimes.

Some specific examples of federal crimes include:

  • Bank burglary;
  • Civil rights;
  • Conspiracy;
  • Espionage;
  • Extortion;
  • Fraud against the government;
  • Illegal gambling business;
  • Impersonation;
  • Interception of communications;
  • Perjury;
  • Security matters;
  • Sexual exploitation of children; and
  • Assassination, kidnapping, or assaulting a federal government figure.

Federal crimes are often prosecuted by the FBI, IRS, Secret Service, ATF, ICE, and other federal agencies. In contrast, state and local law enforcement is handled by city police departments, county sheriffs, and state authorities.

What Are Federal Sentencing Guidelines?

If a defendant is found guilty of any of the above federal crimes, or any other federal crime, a sentencing takes place. During a federal sentencing the judge uses a points system called the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to determine a defendant’s sentence.

The Guidelines are based on several factors, including:

  • The nature of the crime;
  • The severity of the crime; and
  • The offender’s criminal record.

The Guidelines are not mandatory but must be considered by judges when deciding a sentence for a defendant. If a judge deviates from the guidelines, they must explain their reasons for increasing or decreasing a defendant’s sentence.

What Are Mandatory Minimum Sentences?

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws are not guidelines. Instead, they set minimum sentences for crimes that judges cannot lower. However, a judge can increase the sentence. Most commonly, mandatory minimum sentences are for drug crimes.

Mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes depend on the:

  • Nature of the crime;
  • Defendant’s criminal record; and
  • Any existing aggravating factors.

When drugs are at issue, mandatory minimum sentences are set for possession of certain drugs over specific amounts. Generally, federal penalties are harsher than state penalties. Convictions for federal crimes are served in federal prisons, while those for state or local crimes are carried out in local jails or state prisons.

Many federal crimes carry six-figure fines and decades of imprisonment, loss of eligibility for government programs, and other consequences.

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