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"David is the BEST attorney in town hands down. I was extremely worried about my case until I hired David to represent me. He is professional, experienced, and most of all he is honest about everything, he won't tell you BS just to get your money like other lawyers. He handled my case like a piece of cake. I will recommend him to all of my friends."

Illya R. | Criminal Case

"I was charged for a DUI. David got me out of that huge stress with a minor traffic ticket. No DUI for me. I recommend getting a lawyer that is experienced and can do what they're GREAT at. David is whom YOU’RE LOOKING FOR."

Xenia R. | DUI case

"I have never had to have a lawyer until I was lied on by the Los Angeles police officers and that's what made me pursue some one to fight for me so after going through many options of lawyer when I came across David he told me something that all of the other lawyers didn't tell and that's what made him stand out so I was open to let him represent me and he also gave me a payment plan that I could afford. He did everything he said he would do and even more and he made sure I knew what the outcome would be if I were to go to trial which was a high chance of me losing. However, there was also one other phrase that stood out and he said to focus on the result that I wanted and live your life while going through the process and that kept me more focused and not thinking negative. Long story short his efforts and extending for further investigations lead to my case getting dismissed after a year."

David D. | Criminal Case

"I was looking for a 5-star attorney and I found a 100-star attorney. I contacted David Russomanno due to the fact I had a neighbor dispute. David helped me from start to finish. David spent a lot of time with me explaining what my options and choices would be to handle these dishonest neighbors. It was a long and uncomfortable experience having to deal with many court appearances and going through many judges. David continued to support me in a positive way and assisted me in what I needed at any given moment. He got the restraining orders removed. He always answered his phone when I needed him. David got the resolution that I needed to get back to my regular life and my record is clean as it has been for 52 years. David thinks outside of the box and is very creative, competent and caring. Here is an attorney who paid attention in law school!!!! I want to recommend David Russomanno for any of your legal needs and I guarantee that you will be super satisfied. If I could give David a 100-star review I would. Thank you again David for all your help."

Steven B. | Restraining Order

"I'm writing this update 1 year after my original review to thank God and David for getting my case completely dismissed. First of all, thank you for believing in my innocence and secondly, for the best outcome, a dismissal. My case was open in court for 2 years and throughout this time David never stopped working on it. After getting me a very good deal, he didn't stop. He constantly tried to convince the prosecutor that I'm innocent and would diligently talk to him every time he saw him in court. Thanks to David's persuasive way, I finally got a complete dismissal after I had almost lost hope in getting my case dismissed. There are no words that will describe how much I'm thankful for this man."

George N. | Criminal Case

"I needed to consult with a lawyer and was referred to Mr. David Russomanno at Arro Law Criminal Defense Lawyer. Even though my matter was not criminal in nature, he was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me. I had previously talked to other lawyers who offered little to no assistance. Mr. Russomanno worked hard for me and literally performed a miracle as other lawyers said it could not be done. What so many lawyers told me would be impossible, Mr. Russomanno achieved. His assistant was also extremely helpful and very patient with my questions. All my calls were returned in a timely manner and I was always updated on the status of my case. I think Mr. Russomanno is the best lawyer you can hire. Would definitely hire him again - criminal or not. Highly recommend him! 10/10."

Ellie U. | Quasi Criminal Case

"Just so you know every time I look @ my daughter I think of you! Even though we are not perfect as people God gives us all a little bit of his divine power and mercy to share with each other... Thank you for giving our daughter a daddy that can be present and for me this only has made me stronger than I ever imagined. You were called to be an Honorable Attorney that has advocated for many and opened the eyes to those who know they did wrong but the mercy of God will always allow a chance for atonement. Thank You David"

Lucy R. | Criminal Case

"David is an attorney that goes above and beyond - Believe it or not he actually CARES about his clients! He has done work for my wife and I a couple of times, and on each occasion he went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. He helped us with a contract and I can say definitively that the work we put in ahead of time with him saved us money - more than covering the expense that we paid for his services. Thanks again for helping protect our family, David!"

Dan D. | Quasi Criminal & Contract Matter

"David Russomanno helped me with my first problem ever with the justice system. Being a minority teen in LA I was so scared of what could happen to me, but I felt so safe and secure through the whole process. Thank you David for your hard work and dedication. I am eternally grateful for the outcome. Me and my family highly recommend you! Thank you again!!"

Cy P. | Juvenile Criminal Case

"Arro Law is an excellent choice when needing a criminal defense lawyer within the Los Angeles area. I felt compelled to write a review based on my interactions with Mr. Russomanno and mirror the quality care so many others write about his law firm. I appreciate the realism and humbleness along with his expertise and experience. I recommend his law firm should you need to be properly represented through our often complex legal system. Cheers David, and thank you."

Kris H. | Criminal Case

"David Russomanno helped me with my 81-year-old father in an auto accident that was considered a hit-and-run. My poor father with his heart condition was so worried he was possibly going to prison even though no one was really hurt. Since the second I contacted David, he assured me that everything was going to be okay. And I believed him. David is professional, he has excellent bedside manner, and kept me up to date with the case the whole time. I am so grateful to David Russomanno for keeping my father out of jail, and the case has been dismissed. I highly recommend David Russomanno attorney at law at Arro Law. Call Arro Law if you need a defense attorney! He is the best."

Rowena H. | Criminal Case

"David is the #1 Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles!!! My life was at the verge of complete destruction! I had a very serious criminal case against me that had lifelong consequences. David provided me with exceptional representation and went above and beyond to protect my family!!! My case went to trial and he was able to get me a NOT Guilty result!!!!! Thank you David for all your hard work and dedication!! If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney look no more, and hire David!! He is a trust worthy attorney and is one in a million! There are no words to express my gratitude! He is worth every penny and more!"

D. Alex R. | Criminal Case

"I don't even know if I can find the words to do this man justice but I will try.....David saved my life literally and figuratively. I got myself into an impossible situation, so impossible that all the other lawyers told me that I was facing 2 criminal misdemeanor charges, best case scenario due to the fact that I had gotten in trouble for the same offense within a very short period of time. But David took on my case all odds against me and promised me that he would work his hardest to get me the best outcome. He was completely honest with me throughout my whole case and didn't try to sell me a false dream. He constantly told me to pray for and think about the outcome I wanted for my case and those words that he told me every time we spoke got me through those difficult times when I thought my life might be over. I speak of my life being over because I was at risk of losing my job due to the charges that were being brought against me. But this man did the impossible and got all the charges dropped. So I am happy to say that today I am still employed and able to provide for my son thanks to David's hard work and unrelenting work ethic. So I highly recommend David Russomanno if you want to win your case not only because he is a great lawyer but he has a beautiful heart and is a real person, very important qualities in a search for a great lawyer!!"

Jay C. | Criminal Case

"Mr. Russomanno represented a family member in a very complex and contentious family/domestic violence matter. He was able to get the case against my family member completely dismissed, and he basically saved her from losing employment and from being eventually deported due to certain immigration consequences. After getting the case dismissed, I was convinced of his skills and decided to hire him for a matter that I became involved in. From the moment I met with him for the initial consultation, I knew he is a great lawyer and knows his stuff. He spent a considerable amount of time explaining to me the case and the different options we have. He always kept me updated on the progress of my case. He hired investigators, and worked tirelessly and was able to position the case which resulted 100% in my favor. I don't know how he does it, but from my first-hand experience, I know he resolved things successfully without a hitch. If you want a reliable attorney who will fight for you, Mr. Russomano is the one. I highly recommend Mr. Russomanno of Arro Law, our go-to attorney and an amazing criminal defense lawyer."

Anna L. | Criminal & DV Restraining Order

"I required the services of a criminal defense attorney some months ago to help me in a case where I needed help in proving my innocence. This required first and foremost a criminal defense lawyer who listened to my side of the story and one who would be impartial as to the accusations from the other side. Further. to ascertain the facts and make a judgment as to the validity of the charges.With that in mind, I had meetings with three other criminal defense attorneys, whom in my opinion did NONE of the above. I was then given the name and contact details of Mr. David Russomanno. Within the first few minutes of the meeting, he met and exceeded my expectations and with a committed confidence reassured me of the strength of my case. After taking my case on, Mr. Russomanno dealt with ALL aspects of my case in such a professional manner that the case was not even filed and ultimately rejected by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. Throughout the entire process, he kept me informed at all times and in a timely manner."

Egbert D. | Criminal Case

"If you're like me and found yourself in a legal situation with absolutely no experience dealing with it and worried about the possible outcomes -- David is the criminal defense lawyer that you want representing you if you want your case dismissed. The justice system is a murky realm that can cause real damage in your life and the lives of your loved ones. What makes David stand out is that he is detail-orientated, forward thinking, and always putting his client's needs first. In my particular case, he was able to navigate the system and obtain a dismissal. He did this by being a tenacious advocate for me. In addition to getting the result I desired, he also was highly communicative throughout the entire process. He offered many different options and advised me on which one's he thought best addressed my case. If you find yourself in a situation where the court system is against you, you're going to need a tough, smart, and diligent attorney. And here's the bottom line, if you find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance, there is no better criminal defense attorney than David Russomanno."

Chris L. | Criminal Case

"If you are looking for a lawyer who is on top of things and on the top of his game look no further. David is responsive and passionate. I generally do not like lawyers but David is from another cloth. His knowledge of the law, his commitment to us, his competence and capabilities got our case dismissed outright. The hearing officer dismissed our case without even asking us a question. He is AWESOME! Many blessing and thanks to David."

Damian R. | Criminal Case

"David saved my life. David Russomanno is a great lawyer. My case was hopeless and David stepped up and got great deal which helped me keep my job and dismissed my criminal charge. I could not be happier and don't know what I can do to show my thanks to him. He took the time to understand the details and presented them really well to the DA (the best letter I ever saw is the letter David send to DA for me). He showed concern and kindness during this awful time, and was very responsive. His fees are very reasonable and the best investment I have made in my life. I now have a second chance in my life because of David."

May W. | Criminal Case

"I needed an attorney to represent me after my DUI and I was BLESSED to have David Russomanno handle my case. My felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor immediately and David was able to obtain the military diversion program for my case. in addition, David guided me through the process to the best possible outcome with legal and personal advice that has changed my life for the better."

Ray S. | DUI Case