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Arro Law has over a decade of stellar results representing criminal, DUI, quasi-criminal, and restraining order clients throughout the State of California. Arro Law is led by David Russomanno, renowned criminal defense trial lawyer, who has over 12 years of successful outcomes on behalf of his clients. We are a premier, full-service criminal defense law firm with decades of combined experience. We are nationally recognized as a top-tier Los Angeles based criminal defense law firm for our achievements related to the practice of law and specifically for our criminal defense and restraining order case work. We have obtained consistent results, again and again, helping our clients avoid jail, prison, prosecution, deportation, losing their professional license, and restraining orders. We have obtained countless case rejections, set-asides, dismissals, and not-guilty verdicts. Our long-proven track record demonstrates that Arro Law continues to be a champion for its clients and has earned a solid reputation for obtaining excellent results.

Arro Law has taken on giant multibillion-dollar corporations, Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City, and has prevailed on behalf of our clients. We have the skill set to oppose and have opposed some of the best lawyers in America to achieve victory on behalf of our clients. Arro Law is not afraid to oppose anyone in the pursuit of justice for its clients.

We hold law enforcement and public servants accountable for misconduct to ensure that our legal system treats our clients fairly. We also fight for the rights of victims in restraining orders and criminal cases. Our representation of victims in domestic violence and domestic violence restraining order cases has helped countless clients obtain the protection, support, and justice they needed.

Arro Law’s legal team can design strategic solutions that meet your goals no matter how complex your matter, applying our established tradition of responsive, personalized service. We know how to fight for you by leveraging the facts and legal system to your advantage.

Arro Law is made up of a passionate team that is dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of its clients. Our tactics and strategies are designed to minimize risk and obtain the best results. When needed, we tell our clients’ stories the way they deserve to be told. At Arro Law, clients are treated like family. If you need an experienced, professional, and results-oriented criminal defense, DUI, or restraining order lawyer, call us. We can help.