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Murder Defense and Violent Crimes in Los Angeles

If you are facing murder or violent crime charges in Los Angeles, you could incur significant legal penalties, the loss of your freedom, or even the loss of your life if convicted as a violent criminal. The penalties for murder and violent crimes are more significant than any other California offenses, and California punishes violent crimes and murder charges harshly and swiftly.

To ensure you receive an honest, competent defense and fair trial, you need a top-tier Los Angeles criminal defense firm that practices murder and violent crimes defense. Call Arro Law to speak with defense lawyers who are:

  • Resourceful;
  • Knowledgeable; and
  • Driven to succeed.

Let Arro Law help you tell your side of the story, clear up any misunderstandings, reduce your charges, or even allow you to walk free. It is imperative to start building your defense right away. Contact Arro Law anytime, day or night.

Our Experienced Los Angeles Murder Defense and Violent Crimes Lawyer Can Help

At Arro Law, we work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome in your murder or violent crimes case. Our defense lawyers strive to protect your rights, freedom and are not afraid to take your case to trial if that is your most effective option. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Arro Law’s murder defense and violent crimes attorneys will do everything possible to procure you the following types of results:

  • A case dismissal;
  • A reduction in charges;
  • Avoidance of jail or prison time;
  • Removal of no-contact orders;
  • A reduction in fines;
  • Avoidance of probation;
  • Avoidance of restitution; and
  • Maintaining voting and gun rights.

Contact Arro Law now for a case evaluation and confidential consultation. Our attorneys can discuss your charges along with any potential defenses and the consequences of your charges.

What Is Murder in California?

Murder in California is the unlawful killing of a person with malice aforethought. There are two murder charges in California, First-Degree Murder and Second-Degree Murder.

  1. First-Degree murder. First-Degree Murder occurs when one person kills another using an explosive, poison, or certain types of ammunition, by lying in wait, or by inflicting torture. First-Degree Murder is willful, deliberate, and premeditated. The sentence for First-Degree Murder is 25 years to life in prison; and
  2. Second-Degree Murder. Second-Degree Murder is considered willful but not premeditated. A conviction for second-degree murder carries a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

California also has a charge known as Capital Murder or First-Degree Murder with Special Circumstances.

Capital Murder is a First-Degree Murder charge under the following circumstances:

  • For financial gain;
  • The murder of a police officer or elected official; and
  • The murder of a witness to prevent him or her from testifying in court.

A conviction for Capital Murder is punishable by the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

What Are Common Violent Crimes in California?

The majority of violent crimes in California are felony offenses and result in jail or prison sentences, hefty fines, restitution, probation, parole, and loss of the right to vote or own or possess a weapon.
Some of the most common types of violent crimes in California are as follows:

  • Assault and Battery;
  • Aggravated Battery;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon;
  • Attempted Murder;
  • Mayhem;
  • Criminal Threats;
  • Arson;
  • Battery on a Peace Officer;
  • Resisting Arrest; and
  • Carjacking.

Contact a Los Angeles Murder Defense and Violent Crimes Attorney

If you are accused of any of the above violent crimes, avoid talking to the police and ask for an attorney immediately. Do not make any statements or consent to any searches. Contact the murder defense and violent crimes attorneys at Arro Law to protect your rights and start your case right away.

The sooner we start working on your case, the better we will be able to construct a solid defense against the State. Call Arro Law now to make your appointment for a consultation and meeting with an experienced murder defense and violent crimes attorney.