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Arrest Warrants and Bench Warrants in Los Angeles

If you discover there is a warrant out for your arrest, you might be frightened and confused. Know that the best response to take when there is a warrant out for your arrest is to act quickly and responsibly. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney at Arro Law right away.

The arrest and bench warrant attorneys at Arro Law are:

  • Experienced;
  • Competent;
  • Honest; and
  • Resourceful.

Speaking with one of our arrest warrant defense attorneys can help you minimize the consequences of your warrant and may relieve you of any type of embarrassing arrest scene. Let us address your arrest and bench warrant questions and concerns in a confidential consultation today.

An Experienced Arrest and Bench Warrant Attorney Can Help

An experienced attorney from Arro Law can aid you tremendously if you have an arrest or bench warrant out for your arrest. Some of the assistance your attorney may offer you includes the following:

  • The potential to process in and out of jail quickly after posting bail;
  • Possibly avoiding jail time and showing up of your own volition at your next court date;
  • Requesting a bail reduction at a motion hearing on your behalf;
  • Avoiding a failure to appear charge and bond forfeiture for a missed court appearance; or
  • Having your bench warrant dismissed altogether.

Handle your outstanding warrant before your arrest. Call Arro Law anytime, day or night, to discuss your situation and schedule your meeting with a Los Angeles arrest warrant defense attorney.

What Is an Arrest Warrant in California?

An arrest warrant in California authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest and detain you if they suspect you of committing a crime outside of an officer’s presence.

A judge may issue an arrest warrant based on evidence of probable cause presented by a peace officer or a District Attorney or after a grand jury indictment. An indictment by a grand jury is a less common means of issuing a warrant.

A valid arrest warrant must state:

  • The name of the defendant;
  • The crime of which they are accused of committing;
  • The time of issuance;
  • The city or county of issuance;
  • The signature and title of the judge; and
  • The name of the court.

After a judge issues an arrest warrant, law enforcement officers execute the warrant by arresting an alleged offender at their workplace or home.

There is no requirement that the officers executing the warrant have an actual copy of the warrant so long as they were legally informed of its existence.

What Is a Bench Warrant in California?

At times, an arrest warrant is served by process servers and summons. If you fail to appear before a judge after a summons, that judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

If you do fail to appear for a court appearance, advise an attorney at Arro Law immediately. One of our bench warrant defense attorneys may be able to have your bench warrant recalled rather than let you face arrest by law enforcement.

Contact a Los Angeles Arrest and Bench Warrant Attorney

If you need more information about California arrest warrants or bench warrants, do not hesitate to contact Arro Law. Even if you were already arrested, Arro Law can argue for a reduction in your bond and help you get released from jail. Call us now to schedule your consultation.