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Child Pornography Defense in Los Angeles

Possession, distribution, production, and trafficking of child pornography are violations of California state laws and federal laws. Those facing any criminal charges related to child pornography may suffer significant legal penalties and lifelong consequences.

Regardless of your child pornography charge, Arro Law can help. Our child pornography defense attorneys are:

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  • Successful; and
  • Supportive.

Call the skilled attorneys at Arro Law for superior legal representation and an aggressive defense to your child pornography charges. We can schedule a confidential consultation at your convenience.

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Your experienced child pornography attorney from Arro Law will thoroughly explain your charges to you and how the law applies to your circumstances. At Arro Law, we will work tirelessly pursuing the following on your behalf:

  • A dismissal of charges;
  • Preservation of your constitutional rights;
  • An acceptable plea negotiation when prudent; and
  • An acquittal trial when appropriate.

Arro Law is a top-tier Los Angeles firm determined to provide you with superior legal representation in your child pornography case. We will investigate all accusations against you and work with you to build the best possible defense in your case.

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What Is Child Pornography?

Child pornography in California is any images, videos, data, and computer files that depict anyone under the age of eighteen engaged in a sexual act at the time of the production. It makes no difference if the sexual act is real or simulated.

The two exceptions to this rule are:

  1. Minors who are legally emancipated; and
  2. Consensual acts between married individuals.

In California, it is illegal to do any of the following:

  • Knowingly send, transport, produce, possess or duplicate any child pornography, with the intent to distribute it;
  • Knowingly develop, duplicate, print, or exchange any child pornography;
  • Knowingly hire, employ, use, persuade, or coerce a minor to participate in the production of pornography;
  • Knowingly advertise obscene child porn for sale or distribution; and
  • Knowingly possess or control any child pornography that was produced using a person under eighteen.

Punishment for Child Pornography in California

Child pornography may be a felony or a misdemeanor in California. Misdemeanor child pornography carries a sentence of up to one year in country jail and a fine of up to $2,000. Felony child pornography may result in up to eight years in prison and a fine as high as $100,000.

Most child pornography convictions also carry mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Anyone may access California’s registry of convicted sex offenders. This can impair the ability to secure stable work and quality housing. There are certain jobs and housing opportunities unavailable to registered sex offenders in California.

Contact a Child Pornography Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Accusations of child pornography can hurt your loved ones, damage your life, and destroy your reputation. Such serious charges require capable defense counsel to represent you. Call Arro Law today to learn your legal rights and options and discuss possible defenses to your child pornography case.

Never give a statement to law enforcement without seeking the advice of an attorney. Seemingly harmless statements may be used as evidence against you for a crime. Speak with a child pornography defense attorney at Arro Law before agreeing to any law enforcement interviews.