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Juvenile Crimes in Los Angeles

If your child is facing juvenile charges in Los Angeles, he or she has rights that need protection while in the juvenile justice system. The way to ensure this as a parent is to provide your child with effective assistance of counsel.

Hiring Arro Law can minimize the impact a juvenile crime has on your child’s life, both now and in the future. Arro Law provides juveniles defense services that are:

  • Qualified;
  • Competent;
  • Aggressive; and
  • Diligent.

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Let Our Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Lawyers Help Your Child

The California juvenile court process is often overwhelming and frightening to juveniles and their parents. When you have questions about the policies and procedures of the court and the long-term consequences, call the juvenile crimes attorneys at Arro Law.

Juvenile sentences are typically less severe than adult sentences; however, they still carry the potential for long-term incarceration and criminal records when juvenile offenders are tried as adults. Arro Law can begin working on behalf of your child immediately to mitigate or avoid some of these damages entirely.

At Arro Law, we do the following, and more, on your child’s behalf:

  • Seek to understand the facts surrounding the arrest;
  • Thoroughly investigate the case and review the evidence;
  • Assess the case and provide you with any potential legal options; and
  • Work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome possible on your and your child’s behalf.

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What Happens When My Child Is Arrested?

When a child is arrested, he or she is accused of breaking the law. There are several scenarios that may happen upon a child’s arrest. The police may do any of the following:

  • Make an arrest record and let the child go home;
  • Send the child to an agency for shelter, care, or counseling;
  • Make the child return to the police station;
  • Give the parent and child a Notice to Appear; or
  • Put the child in detention where the child can make two calls within one hour of the arrest, one call to a parent and the other to an attorney.

If the police want to question a child, they must advise that child of their Miranda rights. Any child under fifteen must be permitted to talk to a lawyer before surrendering their Miranda rights or talking to the police.

What Can a Court Order in a Juvenile Crime?

When the court reviews a child’s case, the judge considers the following before making any orders:

  • The seriousness of the crime;
  • Any previous criminal record; and
  • The age of the child.

After careful consideration, the judge may order:

  • A child live with his or her parents under court supervision;
  • A child be on probation potentially living with a relative, in a foster home, a group home, or an institution;
  • A child be on probation and sent to a probation camp or ranch; or
  • A child is sent to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice. If tried as an adult, a child is sent to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Adult Operations.

In some cases, juveniles are tried as adults. Examples of crimes for which juveniles are tried as adults include, but are not limited to:

  • Murder;
  • Attempted murder;
  • Robbery with a weapon; and
  • Drug crimes.

Regardless of your child’s juvenile charges, you may be responsible for any damages, fines, or restitution your child owes his or her victims or the court.

Contact a Juvenile Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles

To learn more about juvenile crimes in Los Angeles and the juvenile crimes process, contact Arro Law today. Our experienced attorneys can walk you through arrest procedures, your child’s rights, and your rights as a parent. We can also advise you if there is a chance your child will face trial as an adult.

Do not wait to call Arro Law. Let us start working on your child’s case right away to lessen the effects of their charges on their future and your plans for them. Call our Los Angeles office anytime to schedule your appointment.